Deltex Electric is committed to Excellence.

From new construction to remodels, emergency service or routine maintenance, we’ve got you covered. Add a plug or add a room, we do it all. Contact us to get your job, big or small, done!

Restoring an old house? Replace the old, dangerous wiring and stay up to code while keeping the charm.

Have a pool or hot tub? Upgrade with custom lighting and audio, in or out of the water!

Let us help you design custom lights for your designer living space.

If you are looking for a new electrical service or service upgrade, visit our service quote page.

There’s no need to take a day off work for a simple estimate!

Residential Generators

There’s no better way to be prepared for a Buffalo winter than with an emergency generator from Generac.

As an authorized dealer, we can help you throw Mother Nature a curveball and KEEP YOUR LIFE ON even when the power is OUT!

Unlike others with a “tail-light warranty”, we employ factory certified technicians to ensure your generator is always serviced to the utmost precision that Generac demands. We also provide worry-free maintenance packages so that you don’t have to be bothered with oil-changes, spark plugs, or filters. Contact us for more information!

Home Security Systems

Peace-of-mind does not have to mean empty pockets. As a Honeywell Security authorized dealer, we install the same equipment as the large national corporations. controlling your come from your phone? We can do that. Watch cameras? We do that too. Monitoring the system so that the police and fire department come when needed? We do it all.

What we DON’T DO is more important.

We Don’t Pay for National Advertising Campaigns

We Don’t Robo-Call you offering More Services.

We Don’t Artificially Lower our Install Price and then Lock you in to a Multi-Year Contract at a High Price.

We Don’t install Proprietary Equipment that Stops Working when you Stop Paying.

We Don’t Lock you out of Your Equipment that you Own.

Video Surveillance

We install full featured Video Surveillance systems Custom Tailored to your Application. We source from a variety of Vendors to find the Right Priced Solution for your Requirements. This allows us Freedom to find the what Fits your Needs and Not what Fits our Sales Target. We have a Solution for your Needs, whether it be using you Existing Wiring for new High Definition Cameras, Wi-Fi, or a New Install. We can find the Right Solution for your Budget.

Customer Testimonial:

My family and I are the luckiest people alive. Deltex saved us and our home from being reduced to ashes as a result of several “swindler electrician’s” lackadaisical wiring of our home.

Prior to Deltex our project had exceeded 15 months and still wasn’t completed. We believed, based on past performance of “licensed” electricians that a major overhaul was necessary. Deltex expeditiously diagnosed the issues, sent in a two-man team, and corrected all of the many errors and code violations, while simultaneously implementing new and necessary work (to a satisfactory conclusion) within 1 week! You and your entire staff were invariably courteous, professional, and understanding of our needs;  you all did not complain, did not cut corners, and produced a high-quality finished product (exactly as we specified!)

Because we refused to be victimized our project was delayed 15 months. And although we lost a significant amount of money, finding a reliable, honest, professional, and conscientoious electrical company is priceless. In Deltex we found our needle in the haystack and its comforting to know that we’ll never have to be in the dark again.

Thank you,